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10-15-2004, 03:41 PM
i got a problem
i use window xp, and to my error i install norton go back, but did not like it, so try to uninstall
and that where it got worst
here my story
i load go back, and now i wish i did not, i try goback with system work 2003, and had the same problem, go back bury it self so deep in to window it hard to get out, i finall wripe pit my hard drive and reinstall window, say never again would i use go back, well i did again go back 4 this time, and not much has change, it still impossable to remove, and a lot of the info sheet for tech are wrong or do not work

here what i did
first off add and remove work on til it hi t 99 % then it jam my compter,
i next try the start up disk from
Document ID:2001022709560139
Last Modified:04/09/2004

How to create a Windows startup disk
Document ID:2001092611363307
Last Modified:10/12/2004

How to remove changes that GoBack makes to the boot sector and partition tables of a computer
Create a Windows Startup disk under Windows 98/Me. For more information, see the document How to create a Windows Startup disk.
Copy the Gb_prog.exe file to the Windows Startup disk. If there is not enough room to copy Gb_prog.exe to the Windows Startup disk, then copy Gb_prog.exe to a separate floppy disk.
On the computer that you want to remove the GoBack changes from, insert the Windows Startup disk and then start the computer. The computer has finished starting when you see an A:\> prompt and a blinking cursor.
Insert the disk that has the Gb_prog.exe file.
Type gb_prog.exe /u and then press Enter.

well that did not work out, as it got to the same point as add and remove and then jam up
then i try
Document ID:2001101713193807
Last Modified:10/12/2004

Cannot start Windows after installing GoBack
Start the computer, and then immediately press and hold down the Ctrl+Alt+G keys.
A message will appear that gives you the option to force the removal of GoBack from the master boot record. Note that some computers require that you hold down the Ctrl+Alt keys while rapidly tapping the G key.
Press F to force the removal of GoBack from the master boot record.

Well all that did was stop go back from booting up at start up

i tryed deleteing from window explore, but can not delete from drive c,
all i got was this access denied
cannot delete GB plugin.dll
make sure the disk is not full, or write proctected, and the file is not in use
even try to delete in safe mode, but that does not work either
so try again to delete from setup.exe
but all i got was
error 25032 windows has confiqured drive c . MS-DOS copatibitily mode, this prevent norton go back from ununinstalling
disable norton go back from norton go back boot and try unstalling again

(funny i all ready have it disable)
( so what happen now is ther no go back startup screen, but after window start a pop up come on telling go back is disable, and would i like to enable,, yes or no and then other screen, if i enable are you sure you like to enable go back, your compter will restart during this process ok or cancell, then a other pop up telling please wait while window confique norton go back, gathering required info
and if i try to uninstall now i get the error 25032

and a round and around we go, same thing all the time, but noting happen, im just struck here can not reinstall or uninstall, and it goes not would as i get error 25032 now

wish i never re try this junk software, norton is become a co to not deal with noday

Question i was surfing the other nite and hter was a tech sheet on how to remove go back from registy, but i can not find it now))


10-16-2004, 05:37 AM
Hope this link helps you out.

You are not he only one with this problem. A lot of folks regret ever having heard of Norton.

If you wan to use the equvelant of GOBack just turn on SYSTEM RESTORE in WinXP. This does virtually the same job (Sets restore points - you can adjust the amount of HDD space it consumes if oyu feel that it is taking up to much space)

10-16-2004, 11:26 PM

Another person here who will not use Norton unless, like now, it's already installed (a friend gave me this one since mine is down), and then I uninstall everything but the AV.

Most of us here use AVG free edition at www.grisoft.com, or, if you must pay for AV, most everyone here will recommend NOD32 at www.nod32.com. You can use it for a month free trial.