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12-27-2004, 09:55 AM
hello people, im a pirate radioe engineer from london, basicly i'm trying to devise new methods of running a station by sercuring my studio

At the momement we seperate our studio and transmitter by using a
DECKS AND MIXER - LIMITER/COMPORSSOR - LINK BOX (GAP UP 2 7MILES) - LNB - RIGmicrowave link system, it opporates vis using a line of sight using the microwave signal, the lnb at your transmitter site recieves the signal and feeds it into your transmitter

however the microwave link can be followed and track by DTI/POLICE and therefore will lose your studio with thousands of pounds worth of equipment!. we will lose our transmitter when they come but we can cover that, however would like not to lose our studio and equipment.

my question is i would like to run a wireless network from my studio to a reciever which can run into the limiter/comporssor into the link box which is the microwave link system..

I have a lap top i can use, is it possible to connect the decks/mixer to the lap top which then feeds the audio to a reciever of somesort?

can the wireless network reciever feed audio straight out via phono plugs etc without the need of another pc. please help. thank you.

by doing this if they come to do a studio raid it will be fake and we will lose a lap top and a wireless network reciever, link box etc however this is better than losing a studio worth of equipment, any ideas, how far will the distance be etc.

EDIT: I have just been looking at the pc transmitters, are these LEGAL? I could transmit from my studio to the laptop. it would tansmit to a fm tuner and that would be connected to the limiter then into the link box. I would have to find out if the dti can track these, I'm sure they possibly can? however if they are LEGAL? would i be able to defend my self by saying what im doing is legal, it would be legal up untill the point where my fm turner. the rest is illlegal, so would that mean they cant touch me? or due to the fact that i'm broadcasting for the reasons to transmit to a illegal transmitter be enough for them to take me?

12-27-2004, 10:47 AM
Since you are clearly trying to achieve an end that is illegal, you won't find assistance for it here.

Charles Kozierok
12-27-2004, 11:54 AM
As pave said, sorry... we don't do that suff here.