View Full Version : can't type in browser, can't update windows

02-02-2005, 10:41 AM
I have two issues, and I think they are related...

I'm working on a win98 machine with IE6, and it hadn't been updated in some time. I was trying to complete all of the updates through windowsupdate when the "Scan for Updates" button failed on the website. When I click on "Scan for updates" the scan does not begin, and the "Pick updates to install" button disappears. Also, when I click on "View installation history" noting appears. When I go to help>about in IE, it errors out with error 96, closing the "about" window, but not IE.

Second, I'm unable to type in text boxes in web forms. for example, if I go to google, I can't type in search terms. This also occurs on the microsoft.com search function as well.

I've tried reducing privacy and security settings as low as they'll go to no avail. Also, I do have java enabled on the machine. It did have adaware and spybot, but I have since removed them also without success.

Any ideas?

02-02-2005, 04:00 PM
Okay- they were both related. It looks like what happened was the update to IE6.1 install was interrupted and then restarted. The app was corrupted, but not enough to cause major problems. It is interesting to note that I couldn't remove IE6 due to the corruption, I had to just reinstall over it. Also, I removed all of the Windows Update backup config files, and then restarted. When it came back up IE was okay and the next time I took it to windowsupdate. com it downloaded the config files again and everything was fine.