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02-23-2005, 09:47 AM
How to i add more disk space to a program?

I was having trouble with Championship manager 4. I uninstalled it because it kept turning off my computer when i would start playing the first game, and would do so about three or four times and then would let me play on normally. (Can anyone shed any light on why that was happening, as well, that would be good?)

Anyway, i re-installed the game and tried to load it up, but as soon as it loaded about half of it, it stopped loading and a message saying "memory is dangerously low. Please exit the game and free more memory"

And then:

"This program has run out of memory and will attempt to quite. Bye Bye."

My computer has decent specs and none this should be a problem really so i don't understand why this is happening. Can any one help me, im stumped. Cheers.

My 'puter has Pentium4 3.20GHz, 512mb RAM, and has a split hard drive with roughly 120Gb left on both harddrives, by the way.

Again, thanks.

02-23-2005, 10:01 AM
Hello momma9 and welcome to http://www.pcguide.com/ubb/pcgubb.gif
You certainly do have enough resources that you should not have this problem but lets check a few things.
Did the game ever function to your satisfaction?
Have you been in touch with their support in regards to this issue?
What other programs are running (including background progs)?
Have you run a "Memory tester" to insure that your RAM is all good?
Virus scans?
Spyware scans?
Adware scans?
A few more system specs would help too. Custom built of "Off the shelf"? What OS?

02-23-2005, 10:48 AM
Yeah, sorry, i'm not very up on my computing.

I was asking around several places at once and have contacted support (no word as yet), but was asking here too.

I only have perhaps the internet (generally only average text web pages) or soulseak properly open in the background, if i'm playing champs. And Norton and quicktime are opened in the taskbar, but generally i don't actively run anything in the background when i play.

The game has worked perfectly with for a while, even better when i installed the patch on the SI website, but then all of a sudden, about five months later, it began turning itself off (the reason for re-installing).

I only had two different save games and they were only about 100Mb each.

Ive done virus scans and spyware scans and nothing came up.

Ive not done an adware scan. Why would spy/adware effect the program, just out of intrest?

I haven't done a memory scan. How do you perform a memory scan?

I'm running XP and have GForce FX5200 and a DMX 6fire sound card (if that makes any difference).

What other specs would you like to know? (again sorry, im not that up with my computing)

Cheers :)

02-24-2005, 08:26 PM
HERE (http://www.memtest86.com/) is a link to Memtest. I believe it is still the preferred tester around here. If not, Iím sure someone else will supply another link soon ;)
As for how spyware and adware effect the game, this stuff can use up needed resources. Resources your game may need. Iím not terribly knowledged with games and how they allocate memory so I am hoping one of the game gurus picks up on this.
Did you install anything else just prior to this happening? Have you done any of the XP updates? (highly recommended) Are you networked? Anything wireless? Just throwing some questions out there to better understand your system.

Hang in there, we will get it ;)

02-25-2005, 03:10 PM
Besides MemTest, there are other free tweaks you can do to your system. For a misbehaving game, I would start with updating system drivers. Chipset drivers, graphics drivers, audio drivers, and the latest version of DirectX (9.0c I believe). These are most often the biggest culprits for games that won't work.

You also mentioned that you already have a patch for the game. Is that the latest patch? How about doing some more patches? Are you up-to-date for WindowsXP? It might be worth a look at the MS update site.

Once you've done all that, try running the game again with no other programs running (other than the system tools you need in the taskbar). No soulseek, no Norton, no Quicktime. If the game is still misbehaving, throw in the towel. There's no hope for a badly-coded game! It sounds like it has some serious memory leakage problems, and if that's the case, there's nothing you or your system can do to fix that.