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04-16-2005, 08:03 PM
Hi folks,

I'm trying to get the following configuration working and I'm kind of at a lose here.

I have a Linksys BEFCMU10 cable modem connected to a Linksys BEFSR41 router. I have my desktop computer attached to this router.

I also have a Linksys WRT54SG wireless router attached to the BEFSR41 router. My laptop has a Linksys WPC54G pc card that uses the wireless router.

Both the desktop and the laptop access the internet with no problem. The desktop can ping the wired router without a problem but can't ping the wireless router or the laptop.

The laptop can ping the wireless router and the wired router but not the desktop computer.

IP addys:
Wired router:
Wireless router:

The desktop computer is running XP pro. The laptop is dual booting W2k and XP pro. I have run the networking wizard on both XP installs but I can't connect laptop to desktop and vise versa.

I've shut down both the XP firewall and ZoneAlarm to no advantage.

I've been working on this for a couple of hours and am getting numb in the brain.

Any adivce would be gratefully recieved... :)

04-17-2005, 12:29 AM
I would recommend eleminating the BEFSR41 and just using the wireless router. It has the necessary ports to connect the wired desktop. Get all your IP's on the same configuration (192.168.1.xxx). Turn on ZoneAlarm, click on "Firewall" on the left, then on the "Zones" tab. Add the IP from the other comp on each and see where you get.

Good luck

04-17-2005, 12:48 AM
Thanks Frank, but that eliminates the goal. I'm trying to learn how to connect a wireless network to a wired network. :o

04-17-2005, 01:48 AM
You have to plug this way:

Cable Modem-->wireless router--> wired router.

You need to connect the wired router to the uplink port on the wireless router.

04-17-2005, 09:59 AM
Thanks CS, I gave that a quick try this morning but for some reason I lost the internet connection with that set up. I don't have time to give it full attention right now. I'm heading to Boston for the day, but will get back to it this evening.

I'll post back tonight... :)

04-17-2005, 10:34 AM
you also need to power them up in the correct order.

turn everything off (pull the power cords)
power them.
1 modem
2 router connected directly to modem
3 second router
4 systems

04-17-2005, 11:19 AM
You need to connect the wired router to the uplink port on the wireless router.Actualy, that would be backwards in the lineup you described. The "Up-link" port is to take a router to the next connection, like to the modem.
Steve if your setup is Modem>Wired>Wireless, be sure the wireless is set up as a router rather then gateway. It's uplink port would connect to any open port on the wired. The laptop will need to get it's IP from the DHCP on the wired also.

When you get a chance, can you lay out all of your settings and configuration? Along with all that you have tried so far ;)
Hope you had a nice day in Boston :cool: I haven't been there since 82. Spent the day running around with a friend of mine from Everet (?) Do you know any Chanelys from there? ;)

04-17-2005, 10:26 PM
i think whats happening is you need to turn your wireless router into a wireless ap. plug the wireless router into one of the lan ports of the wired router, and make sure that the other end of the cat5 goes into a lan port of the wireless router, not a wan port.

instant access point. alternatively you could've got away with a wireless access point. they're about half the price...

04-17-2005, 10:33 PM
To connect two segments on a network, you need to use th uplink port. What I neglected to point out which was noted by Jimmy 5K is you have to turn DHCP off on the wireless unit and turn it into an acces point.

04-18-2005, 12:50 PM
Well, I'm back at it. I've tried the various physical setups you guys have described and I still can't ping computer to computer. The wireless router doesn't seem to have an uplink port. It has a port marked "Internet" and four numbered lan ports.

In regard to connecting the wireless router to an existing lan the Linksys manual describes the setup this way:

8. Connect a standard Ethernet cable to the Broadband Routers Internet port. Then connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to one of the numbered Ethernet ports on your other router.

So at the moment, that is the configuration that I am using. As I said, I haven't been able to ping computer to computer yet.

I do have the wired router set to Gateway and the wireless to Router. I have disabled DHCP on the wireless router but that hasn't helped.

If any more info is needed, let me know...

EDIT: one thing has changed though. after disableing DHCP on the wireless router, I can no longer access the routers setup program... :(

04-18-2005, 07:23 PM
Go HERE (ftp://ftp.linksys.com/pdf/wrt54gs_ug.pdf). Page 17 of 100 shows a picture of how they connect. The wireless routers "Internet" port connects to a "Lan" port on the wired router. If you do not have access to your routers setup page (if you changed the IP on this router, be sure you are entering the new IP) there is a small button on the back to reset to defaults, (, no user name, password of Admin).

We'll get you there ;)

04-18-2005, 08:43 PM
Thanks Frank,

Yep. That's the manual and setup I'm using. I reset the router, uninstalled the pc card and started fresh using the physical setup in the manual. Now I'm back to where I was to start.

Boy, I'm scratchin' my head on this one. :confused:

04-18-2005, 09:52 PM
ARRRGGGG!!!! :mad: I share your frustration. I just recently figured out my setup and it was an absolute joy.
OK, so from the laptop you ping and get nothing? From the desktop you can ping but not and not Do you have "Shares" on both comps? Have you tried allowing the necessary IPs in ZoneAlarm? Have you drank to Millers?:D

04-18-2005, 11:26 PM
OK, so from the laptop you ping and get nothing? From the desktop you can ping but not and not Do you have "Shares" on both comps?

Yes to all of the above. The only thing different is with all the fooling around the desktop is now not 109 and the laptop is not 101.

I don't have any firewall running, just to eliminate that as a problem. I'll turn it back on when I get the network working.

04-19-2005, 12:14 AM
I have the same cable /dls router.
I use the WAN port not the numbered ports..

Just for the sake of checking
What is the subnet mask of the desktop and the laptop ?
Are they the same ? for example

Also remember if you use the wan port you loose the use of port 1 on the hub/switch
so plug your desktop into 2-4

04-19-2005, 11:11 AM
Hi Rick, the subnet mask is on both computers.

I don't think the manual that Frank and I have been using is going to work. That setup allows me to use both routers to get internet access but I think that's it.

CS and jimmy5k are closer, I do believe. I found THIS (http://linksys.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/linksys.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=358&p_created=1084209764&p_sid=z1IxhlDh&p_lva=&p_sp=cF9zcmNoPTEmcF9zb3J0X2J5PSZwX2dyaWRzb3J0PSZwX 3Jvd19jbnQ9NjExJnBfcHJvZHM9MCZwX2NhdHM9JnBfcHY9JnB fY3Y9JnBfc2VhcmNoX3R5cGU9YW5zd2Vycy5zZWFyY2hfbmwmc F9zY2ZfbGFuZz0xJnBfcGFnZT0xJnBfc2VhcmNoX3RleHQ9Y29 ubmVjdGluZyBhIHdpcmVsZXNzIHJvdXRlciB0byBhIHdpcmVkI HJvdXRlcg**&p_li=&p_topview=1) on the Linksys site and it describes what I think CS and jimmy were trying to get across to me.

I'm going to give it a try and see what happens... :)

04-19-2005, 11:45 AM
Sounds like the hot ticket. ;) Be sure and keep us posted.

04-19-2005, 11:51 PM
That be the ticket......

04-20-2005, 01:13 PM
Ticket to .... :eek:

Well, it probably would have worked.

I figured that while I was doing all this, I might as well try all the various settings and configurations and see what they do. Very educational but at some point I corrupted the firmware beyond repair. :rolleyes:

After spending an hour and a half on the phone with tech support and promising never to do it again, an RMA was issued and I should have a new unit in a few days.

Boy, what a trip... ;)

04-20-2005, 01:36 PM
:eek: WOW, didn't know you could do that.
Would you share your technique with us so we know what NOT to do? :D JK

04-20-2005, 02:20 PM
WOW, didn't know you could do that.
Yeah, me either. Here's the technique:
Change setting of your choice. Reboot. Observe results of change. Press reset button.
Repeat until power light starts blinking wildly.

I'd still like to use my laptop in the living room. Maybe I'll try one of those access points that CS and jimmy were talking about. I haven't test drove one of those yet... :)

04-23-2005, 08:57 AM
Well, while I'm sitting around waiting for Linksys to send me a new router, I went ahead and bought a Linksys WAP54G wireless access point. Plugged it in. Set it up. It works. What's the fun in that? Where's the challenge? ;)

One thing I am surprised to see is that it runs $10 MORE than the wireless router! What's up with that?

04-23-2005, 01:45 PM
One thing I am surprised to see is that it runs $10 MORE than the wireless router! What's up with that
Not surprising, they discount the wireless/wired router but the more specialized AP they do not discount at all.