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06-16-2005, 07:47 AM
Dear all

I am looking into a PI-128MB-Win98 computer, which hangs frequently, usually right after starting the OS + desktop. Disk cleanup, disk scan and defragmentation have been successfully completed. Also a virus scan revealed few viruses (3 trojans removed) and the machine had been running with Norton Anti-virus software for some time. Games, music, temporary internet files and cookies have been removed as well.

What other diagnosis would I need to do to fix this computer? What would be a good strategy in this case?

Thanks in advance


Paleo Pete
06-16-2005, 08:19 AM
Read through the security posts in Applications and Security and run the standard set of scans, Adaware, Spybot and Hijack This, post a HJT log. You'll find tons of links to the programs and good instructions on how to use them.

Check what programs are running at start up and clean that out as much as possible. Go to


and type


then click the Startup tab. You want these to keep running:

Task Monitor
Scan Registry
Load Power Profile (two instances is normal)

A few other things are sometimes necessary, INCD has to run if you want drag & drop CD Burning, a few other things like that but for troubleshooting purposes you can disable anything not on that list, they can be re-enabled later. Re-enable them one item at a time and you might find what program is causing trouble.

Set display properties to whatever screen size you want and 16 bit true color, any higher is overkill, your eyes can't tell the difference, and higher color depth can help cause lockups, especially if the system is getting loaded up in other areas. Also remove any pictures or wallpaper from your desktop, that is graphics that must be redrawn 60-70 times a second and can bog a system down if it doesn't have plenty video and system RAM. If Active Desktop is enabled, disable it, and get rid of the graphics.

Also some more system specs would help us a lot a full hardware list would be nice. P-1 w/128 doesn't tell us a whole lot...but if that's at least a 200MHz CPU it should run win98, but you'll want to cut way back on programs loading at startup, as well as cutting graphics back. Depending on how long you've been running Windows and how much clutter has built up, reinstalling may be a considration, but until we know more it's a last resort only.

06-16-2005, 09:31 AM
Hi Paleo Pete

Thanks for your guidance and I had already looked at some of your suggestions, such as display settings and startup programs. The stability of the computer is such that the only way I can see the HDD is by plugging it as a slave into another Win98 machine, which is also how I got rid of the trojans. When I scan the registry, will it also pick up any malice in the slave HDD?

So currently, I am looking to do a master to slave low-level copying routine as I don't have the installation CDs. I have never done a low-level copy before however and perhaps you can give some hints as to which program to use. Or perhaps you would recommend me to burn an image from the master and reformat the slave with that image?

Looking forward to your views.