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10-16-2000, 04:08 PM
What are the benefits of changing to ISDN line?
Will I require new hardware?

Charles Kozierok
10-17-2000, 09:03 AM
It's a very regional thing, and I don't know anything about Scotland's telcos or what they charge for anything, so I can't really say.
I will say that here in North America ISDN has been a rip-off since day one, since they charge per minute where analog modems do not, and the speed isn't even all that great. Could be totally different where you are, since I know that the UK has (had?) metered phone lines.

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Mark B
10-19-2000, 07:25 AM
We just had a new ISDN line installed at the office. Connection speed is 64k (my isp only supports one channel). It takes about 3 seconds to dial and connect. We had to buy a Terminal Adapter to use it (PC World Business Direct 40). Hope this helps.