View Full Version : complicated 4 IDE-controllers

10-02-2000, 07:11 PM
I've got an abit KA7-100 motherboard with an athlon 750 running on it. Now I want to buy a 20 gig maxtor ATA-100 and put it together with my old 4 gig maxtor diamond in the system.
Is it possible to connect the 20 gig drive as master on the 3th IDE (Ata-100)and boot from it with win98? Because I would like to connect the other drive to the first IDE-controller and install linux on it. I figured that by booting up and entering the BIOS I can choose then if I boot from the 1st or the 3th IDE-controller so that I can decide what OS I want to use Is this configuration possible?

11-11-2000, 05:27 AM
This seems like a very awkward way of doing things.
It would be easier to just install drive as normal and use a multi boot loader to choose which operating system you load.
LILO is the most popular Linux boot loader and displays a prompt at boot so you can decide which Operating system to load.
Checkout www.control-escape.com/bootload.html (http://www.control-escape.com/bootload.html) for more info.

Hope that is of some help.