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12-02-2000, 08:31 AM
I have recently been offered a Socket ATX 7 Motherboard which supports
Pentium tm 90 ~ 300 MHz, AMD K5/K6 CPUs at 60/66/75/83.3 MHz. These figures mean little to me. Can some one suggest a good compatable CPU
for this motherboard.

Paleo Pete
12-02-2000, 09:38 AM
Those figures refer to the speed of the CPU in MHz, or cycles per second. The list tells you which CPU's are compatible with the motherboard and chipset.

Being a long time Intel fan, I of course would recommend an Intel CPU, and the specs listed say it will handle up to a 300MHz chip. These are first generation Pentiums, so the Pentium II and Pentium Pro won't work.

As far as which one...the fastest one you can find, and get a decent price on. P-266 or P-300 would be the best bets. Also, check to see if the specs say the board supports MMX or not. The MMX would be a better bet, if supported.

A couple places to check for availability and prices:

CSO (http://www.computersurplusoutlet.com) and Price Watch (http://www.pricewatch.com) both usually have older CPU's listed, and the best prices you're likely to find. Watch out for sites on Pricewatch that don't post shipping cost, it's usually high enough you're better off paying a few bucks more for the part and half the shipping somewhere else.

If you're interested in an AMD maybe some of the AMD fans on the forums will have some recommendations, I don't know which ones are better than others, only that the K6-2 at 350 and above had problems with win95. Not related in your case, since 300MHz seems to be the limit of your board.

Soon as I come up with all the answers...they change the questions!!

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