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12-24-2000, 03:16 AM
When adding a second HD to a Windows 98se system where all (4) of the IDE connections are being used is it the necessary to make whatever changes to other component connections so that both HD drives are on the same channel as master and slave?

Paleo Pete
12-24-2000, 07:28 AM
It is always best to have both hard drives on the same channel. Each IDE channel uses a ribbon cable, with plugs for two drives. They should be marked primary and secondary on the motherboard. Each device connected to the ribbon cables should usually be set as either Master or slave using jumpers on the device. Often these are printed on the device. On CD ROM's it will be printed close to the IDE plug, on hard drives usually on top of the drive. If not printed on the hard drive check the documentation. Normally the Master goes at the end of the cable and slave in the middle. This is not a strict rule, but is a standard procedure. If someone else has to work on the computer later it's a safe bet the Master drive is the one at the end of the cable, it avoids confusion.

As a general rule CD ROM drives are best placed on the secondary IDE channel, especially since the channel will run at the speed compatible with the slowest device, which will be the CD. If the CD is placed on the same IDE channel as the hard drive the system will run slower.

Also, parameters for each device must be set in BIOS. The settings are found in standard CMOS, normally you will also have an Auto Detect BIOS section where the hard drives are initially set, you pick the one that suits the drive. They will then show up in Standard CMOS as User Defined.

In Standard CMOS I usually set the CD ROM drive as Auto Detect, instead of User Defined, so it is detected at boot. Booting takes a few seconds longer, but it reduces problems from setting user defined parameters and getting something wrong.

I think that's everything...if someone sees something I missed, add it post a correction.

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