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02-19-2001, 11:40 PM
I had two cards given to me. Both Vodoo3 AGP (one w/tv, one w/o) and I dont know what they are. Are they 12 meg, 16 meg????? I dont have an available system to throw them in and check them. They both have heat sink on them and the TV card # is 6001217 and the other is # 6001011. I get REALLY frustrated trying to fing ANYTHING on www.3dfx.com (http://www.3dfx.com) , what a joke of a website. Hoping someone out there knows or has one of these cards and what the present market value is. I have a buyer but not sure what to ask, both cards are new and in plain boxes (from Gateway). I even tried the Gateway site but they dont use this card anymore so they dont have any specs on it. Cmon Pete, I've never seen you "stumped"!!
Thanx guys, youre awesome!!

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02-20-2001, 01:10 AM
OK CompMan, I just popped a search on Yahoo for "voodoo 3 agp" and I got a load of hits from review sites and the likes (on the "go to web pages" side). Basically, I'm seeing 16MB, 166MHz clock etc. You are so right about the support site for 3dfx since they are shutting down their commercial production of video cards and becoming a chipset manufacturer for NVIDIA (I believe). They really should stick with the driver updates and support for people that have recently purchased their products. I can't believe they went semi-belly up with all the good stuff they were throwing at the video card market. These companies nowaday make too far out projections on profit and bank too heavily on those projections when they could settle for a little stability and survive over the long haul IMO anyways this is gonna turn into a rant if I keep on. That Yahoo search should get you all the info you're looking for with a little sifting on your part. Incidently, I purchased the Voodoo 4 4500 PCI card (32MB)in Sep so I won't be getting the support I paid for. Overall a good card though. In Sep I paid $149 retail for my (son's pc) no-tv card.


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Paleo Pete
02-20-2001, 08:54 AM
Found a few Voodoo 3 cards listed at Pricewatch (http://www.pricewatch.com/) starting at $60 plus $10 or so shipping, most are listed with 16MB memory. $65 for the TV card from the same supplier, and that's OEM. Scroll down a bit and a retail card is listed at $75.

Keep in mind that's rock bottom prices, if you find one in a retail store it's likely to be close to twice as much. I didn't check the links, they might have some info, those were listed as having software and documentation included.

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02-20-2001, 12:10 PM
Hey Bassman,

I bought the very same card you did, at about the same time and for about the same price. I am happy with it. I have played Half-Life with it and the graphics are good as far as I can tell. (Not too much gaming experience)

I figure it will last for awhile, as long as I don't make any major changes to the system.


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