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04-17-2006, 12:07 PM
What is the best way to install a HDD with the XP SP2 OS on it in a 98 box? The 98 box has a Celeron2 800 MHz CPU while the XP HDD is installed in an old Pentium 2 450 MHz machine. What I want to achieve is to convert the 98 box over to XP by using the XP HDD (if I can).

Can I just remove the XP HDD and reinstall it as the master in the Celeron machine and then boot and move on (and re-register with MS)? Or is the best/easiest way to reformat the 98 HDD with XP and then move the XP drive over as a slave?

Once this is done, the Pentium2 machine will be sent to the dump/recycler.

TIA for your help.

04-17-2006, 03:52 PM
First thing to do is...
Run Windows XP Upgrade Advisor (http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/pro/upgrading/advisor.mspx) on the "Win98 box" [the hardware currently running Win98 (I'll call it PC1)] to see if any of the hardware [and programs too] are incompatible with WinXP.

Then the big question is...
What to do about the various data on both HDD's.
1. It's not ideal to move the HDD with XP installed [that matches the "XP box" hardware = PC2] to PC1 and then run a "repair" reinstall [to match XP to PC1's hardware], but it can be done [the registry would be bigger than needed because settings for both sets of hardware would be included = rather unnecessary].
2. Ideally you would either zero-fill the HDD to be used as master [if you wanted to make the old data irrecoverably erased], or else repartition [if the old partitions are FAT and you want to use NTFS] & reformat, or else just reformat the existing partition[s] [if they are already to your liking (NTFS?)]

Paul Komski
04-18-2006, 03:43 PM
Hardware incompatibility aside, I've never had problems repairing transferred versions of WinXP as long as you can boot to the proper installation CD and that the partition structure on the drive is not elaborate or complicated. Do it with just the transferred drive as lone master and its also much the best if you boot to the CD before you ever actually boot up the hard drive prior to the repair - since the hard drive wont "like" being booted up on the new hardware and will be searching for driver updates and the like.

As long as your installation CD is not OEM you should have no problems with MS when it comes to reactivating the installation as long as the OS has been removed from the original PC.

You dont say how much RAM you have but that can make a great difference to the performance of WinXP.

A clean installation is nearly always best unless one needs certain programs and settings on the original. If you just want to transfer data over then that's simple with FAT partitions but when booted to the master drive it would need to be running an NT-based OS (Win2K/XP/etc) to read any NTFS partitions - anywhere.

04-24-2006, 10:00 AM
Thanks for the replies, but now that some other projects have come up and I have had time to think about this, I decided to do it right. I got the original XP discs from my parents that they used to install XP on the pc and will use them to install XP on the current 98 machine and then just move the existing xp drive over to the new converted box. Then I'll reregister the system with Microsoft. In the end, I think this will probably be the best/quickest way to do it.