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07-27-2006, 08:39 PM
New here and wasn't sure if this is the right forum so mods please move if needed.

Question: we have a laptop from workplace that comes home everyday. It is on a domain there at work. It runs on XP Pro.

At home we have a wireless network for all computers. Main computer also runs XP Pro. It is the one that has all the printers hard wired to it.

Here's the problem: laptop cannot connect to the printers via the wireless. We cannot set up a home network via the wizard - we get a message that the computer is already on a domain and that we can't use that wizard.

I have also tried changing the name of the computer but get the message asking for a user name and password to remove the computer from the domain.
How to we get this laptop to connect to the home network in order to file share and printer share? Is this not possible?

Any help really appreciated!

07-27-2006, 09:51 PM
Hi rrodgers, and welcome to the PcGuide forums. :)

This can be done, but I would recommend talking to your IT department or whoever is in charge of the computers. They can give the proper passwords and such if needed and tell you how to set it up so you can have both LAN's.

When it comes to company owned computers it's best to go this way since they have all rights to the machine and already have it setup so you can't change domains, so obviously they don't want too many changes made to the machine without permission. :(

07-28-2006, 09:08 AM
Yeah, I owuld be very careful about making any changes yourself. They have it setup in a certain way for a reason, and wouldn't appreciate you going around and messing with it. Keep in mind that a PC can only be a part of one domain or workgroup, so if you were to just run any wizard it would remove it from the work domain. You would then need to go back to work and call IT and explain why your laptop is no longer part of the domain.

If you enable file and printer sharing on your home PC you should be able to use the printer without actually being a workgroup member. This would require no changes to the laptop, but you would need to enter a username and password from the home PC in order to print or browse files. Just connect to the wireless network at home and broswe to the My Network Places folder.