View Full Version : please help! Can't get windows to recognise my new usb device

08-28-2006, 09:27 AM

I have a new midi synth controller that's plug and play usb but my new dell 9400 laptop doesnt pick it up (my desktop does).

I have not used any other usb devices excep an external hard drive (which works fine) and i have an audio interface via firewire.

The only thing I can see that could be wrong is under device manager there is a question mark by:

"microsoft winmm wdm audio driver compatibility"

and under properties it says: driver has been disabled - an alternate driver may be providing this functionality (code 32)

I have checked windowsupdate.com - there are no hardware updates available.

Please can anyone advise on how to get this driver and how to make windows recognise my usb synth.

thank you!

PS - Novation who make the controller say this:

The ReMOTE SL uses the MIDI part of the windows 'USB Audio Device' driver, if the SL is not appearing as a MIDI input or output in your software, then something may have interfered with this driver on your computer.

Some third party installers for products that us the same driver may alter the windows registry and cause this problem. The main culprits seem to be webcams with microphones. If you have ever used any other devices that might use any part of this 'USB Audio Device' driver, such as a webcam with a microphone, or a usb speaker e.t.c. then you should uninstall these and the ReMOTE SL, then plug the ReMOTE SL into the computer again, so windows will re-install the drivers. Then run the ReMOTE SL installer.