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09-09-2006, 05:00 PM
While on IE, I experience printing problems. I try to print an article off the
web and I may get one printed article. Sometimes none. I can sometimes
succeed if I hold down the control key and click print, but usually I get the
Internet Explorer Script Error

An error has occurred in the script on this page.

Line: 93
Char: 1
Error: Access is denied
Code: 0
URL: res//C:WINDOWSsystem32shdoclc.dll/dlg

Do you want to continue scripts on this page?

yes no

I definitely am not a computer buff, and I contacted Peplepc.com support
and had 3 suggestions, none of which helped.
1. Download Windows Scripting 5.6 Release
I followed instructions. Not successful
2. Make sure I have Internet Explorer Version 6.0 Service Pack 1 installed.
I sent for the Installation CD and when tried to download, I received
msg that I already had a newer version installed.
3. It was suggested that I uninstall Peoplepc and reinstall it. I did that.
Nothing has helped. I requested more help from Peoplepc and they
suggested I contact Mbrs Help by phone. I haven't tried that, as it is
an Internet Explorer problem.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I am not computer 'smart' and can
use all the help I can get.

09-12-2006, 04:57 PM
The following quote found here:

Test a Web page from another user account, another browser, and another computer
If the problem only occurs when you view one or two Web pages, view the pages from another user account, from another browser, or from another computer to determine whether the problem persists. If the script error persists, there may be a problem with the way the Web page is written. Contact the Web site administrator or content developer to inform them of the problem with the Web page. If the script error does not occur when you use the Web page from another user account, the problem may be caused by files or settings for your user profile. If the script error does not occur when you use the Web page from another browser or another computer, then continue troubleshooting.

...couldn't have said it better myself...:) In particular, I would try with a different browser as a first step...

04-28-2010, 03:42 PM
I had this situation on my previous computer. More of an annoyance than a problem.

Then I purchased a new computer (this is a high end quad processor, business computer). And the fun began.

The PeoplePC interface which was the latest, worked in the beginning, flawlessly on connection and with the internet, I blindly stumbled ahead installing software and updates to the XP Pro operating system and eventually the scripting errors popped up.

I found that the scripting errors on PeoplePC started showing up the deeper I got into the update of XP. BTW I am on dial up. Eventually I could not even access the Microsoft Update utility. Just got a blank screen -- no error message on that screen. It seemed that the script was not even running.

I searched the infernal net and tried about every solution I could find with no results.

I had imaged the software on the drive as delivered. Now, I loaded in PeoplePC and Norton AV (both latest versions). Then slowly I did a manual upload of Priority updates to XP, one at a time. Eventually the scripting errors reappeared. Back to the drawing board.

Finally, I decided to call PeoplePC help, (they were no help on the scripting errors as previous mentioned above, I called them regarding the previous computer). But, what I did ask was did they have a direct dial up access, without using their software. And indeed you can set up a dial up easily through the control panel (their help line can tell you how to do this). I go in directly, (now you have no acceleration for screen loading, but for me that is no big problem). I went back to an earlier image of the HD and set up the direct dial up (without their software) and I found I could get the Microsoft Update utility installed, and the whole package works flawlessly, as I updated the XP software one update at a time. No script errors, no blank screens.

It appears that there is a conflict between PeoplePC interface software and one of the updates from Microsoft that causes this issue.

Good Luck! :cool:

Paul Komski
04-29-2010, 12:42 AM
You don't need to be informed about scripting errors made by whoever designed the web page in question and so you can turn the feature off. Control Panel (Classic View) >> Internet Options or enter inetcpl.cpl into the run box.

Disable Script Debugging and Uncheck being informed about errors as per the pic below.


You could also try an alternative browser such as Opera or Firefox or Safari.

It is a good idea not to Print directly but to first use the Print Preview option. If it displays things the way you want then continue on to printing. Many web designers do not give enough thought to how printing will proceed.

Another "workaround" that can sometimes be useful is to use PrintScreen and then paste the clipboard into Paint or other graphics program and then Print the output from there.