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02-03-2001, 07:25 PM
Hey there every1,

I just want to know what happens here in this situation

I am in the USA and I from my hotmail account e-mail someone in Australia to there e-mail account which is a local Australian ISP??

How does the e-mail from the USA get there??
Is it via satellite or underground cable??
And what is the process that is associated with it??

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Paleo Pete
02-04-2001, 08:34 AM
That works basically the same as anything over the Internet. Data is sent from servers at one location to the next in packets, in a sort of "bucket brigade", from your location to the end location.

If you were to use a trace route utility you would see that your Internet connection goes through at least 10 different servers at different locations en route to any website you visit, often more than 15.

Underground cable or satellite? Not sure, either would work, but my guess would be satellite, altough underwater/underground cable would do the trick as well.

The process is usually TCP/IP. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol.

Introduction to TCP/IP (http://pclt.cis.yale.edu/pclt/COMM/TCPIP.HTM) has plenty info about it, in understandable form.

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