View Full Version : Help Please Set up NT system

02-27-2007, 11:39 AM
Hello everyone
My son blew up the family pc. Could not boot up and did not have disks to restore. Bought a cheap NT 4.0 operating system to put on system. Want to be able to get on internet. Have cable at home. What do I do to get on the internet? Is there something to install?? Thanks alot if you have any suggestions.

02-27-2007, 11:47 AM
The reason the NT 4.0 disk is cheap is the NT 4.0 Operating System has not been supported by Microsoft for over two years now. It was a good OS in many ways but was "difficult" since the OS had to be installed in a particular order, then service packs (there were 6 of them) had to be run afterwards. Any mistakes in the order of install made Dr.Watson errors pop up forever.
I used a Windows 98 boot floppy to format the HDD, then made partition, activated partition, and started install. Caution: When NT askes for restart, remove the CD before saying OK to the restart, otherwise the install process starts all over again.
Nothing special about Internet, but you have to install TCP/IP and Simple TCP/IP services to get a proper network connection and the hardware wizards back then were primitive, so I don't know if modems will be recognized for the proper drivers.