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03-20-2007, 10:34 PM
I am trying to do a system restore with the original cd roms ( 8 of them altogether) but everytime i try to run the 1st disk, i keep getting this message that says no emulation . anyone know why or what's wrong ? it is a compaq and already had win xp loaded but apparantly someone messed with it and then nothing will come up except the setup menu which i am not sure how to set the values and all that . the cd starts to run then before anything happens it stops . it will not do anything when i try the f10 either. would appreciate any help .

03-21-2007, 12:37 AM
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03-21-2007, 12:45 AM
Paul, I've head the term emulation bandied about in regards to computer software allowing console games to be played...

What exactly are we talking about happening in regard to debbie's prompt and with the consoles? Thanks in advance! ;)

Paul Komski
03-21-2007, 10:18 AM
What exactly are we talking about happening in regard to debbie's prompt and with the consoles?Im not a gamer at all so what consoles are trying to emulate I can only guess at. Possibly they want to emulate play stations or another operating system; eg DOS emulation under windows.

When it comes to booting up CDs emulation relates to which method of booting the various CDROMs should mimic/emulate since CD's do not have the traditional boot sectors such as are found on magnetic media and with which the BIOS can offload the bootstrap code to. Floppy emulation is very common with a boot floppy image used in a section of the CD to boot it up to an A: prompt. Hard drive emulation is less common and the image file must have partition tables with only one primary bootable partition in the first table and the booted-to CD gets the drive letter C for its "hard drive component". A technique using no emulation is also possible whereby machine code is placed at a certain location on the CD and the bootstrap code is then redirected by the CD to that spot. This latter type is used by most Windows installation CDs - and no drive letter is booted to - but is technically the most awkward to setup.

Debbie's problem may not have anything to do with emulation per se. Eight CDs seems a lot of CDs with which to span an image file. Compaqs have traditionally used modified/customised PowerQuest image files to restore a system and usually the restore process is accessed by first booting to a special bootable floppy diskette or by initiating the restore from quick restore options in the Start Menu. More recent systems may use bootable CDs - I don't know and cant find out unless the Compaq model is made known to us. I guess the restore process needs a floppy or for windows to be running in the first place but it is unlikely to be a normal installation using a Windows Setup process from a proprietary Compaq Windows installation CD.