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03-28-2007, 09:21 AM
I just installed windows vista ultimate on my desktop computer. I ran a scan which told me it would be good on my computer. After installation I find my printer is not compatible (either is my 2nd printer). One printer is a laser samsung and the other lexmark all in one. The laser printer is less than a year old. My wireless network card in the desktop computer is also not compatible requiring me to hardwire a 50' extension cord from my kitchen to the basement. While the operating system seems good it doesn't impress me when you cannot use your hardware.
I seem to remember the same thing happened when xp came out but it seems that there are lots of issues with Vista. I hope they get the drivers out quickly because it's a hassle doing things this way. By the way, Samsung did have a driver listed (Beta) but when I downloaded and tried to install it said that it was not for my operating system and that I should be using it for 98 or XP.. not sure if they listed the correct file.

03-28-2007, 11:27 AM
I was working on a customer's multifunction printer yesterday (uses TCP/IP printing) to replace a NIC card. The customer's IT replaced 6 of their 8 PCs with new ones loaded with Vista & Office 2007. My company had no official Vista drivers released for the model but I was able to use a Windows XP PCL5e driver once I found where "add printer" was now located. (You navigate Start>Settings>Printers, which opens a tree and printers on right. You Right-click Printers in left tree and Add Printer is hidden there).

Of course the customer also was having issues since Office 2007 does not have a printer icon or File>Print. (You hit the Office logo and a menu showing Printer Format appears).

03-28-2007, 01:05 PM
Go to the manufactures web-site often to check for drivers that are compatible with Vista. HP for one, didn't come out with drivers for my printer until a couple of weeks after the final release of Vista; and likewise with my Konica Minolta printer. For my Epson scanner, the last time I looked there was none. Since the scanner is several years old, I doubt that they will come up with a driver for it. But I think that if any of your devices aren't too old, they will eventually come up with drivers that will work with vista. One other thing I have found out is that if you try installing the device software using the CD or whatever media it came with, and if it will not install, here's what works sometimes. Remove the USB cable from your computer and shut it down. Then plug in the USB again and restart. It will sometimes tell you that it has found a new device and will install it. As I mentioned, it works sometimes, but not for everything. So if everything else fells, you may as well give it a shot.