View Full Version : WINXP - How can I change System Restore Drive

Computer Deb
04-08-2007, 02:25 PM
About six months ago, I added a new, larger harddrive to my system. I converted the new drive to my new system drive, with very little or few issues.

My system uses an AMD 1800 (1.54 GHz) CPU, 1 gig RAM, 2 40Gig partitions and a second HD 40 Gig. My C: drive has 30 gig used and 8 gig free.

I partitioned the drive so my system was primarily on the C: drive and my new partition became my D: drive with 40 gig each.

I haven't had the need to use my system restore much, but when I tried today, it indicated that it couldn't restore my system after a new program was installed. When I checked the properties, my D: partition is listed as the system drive, instead of C.

Is there anyway that I can change that? There is an option to not have any of the drives using system restore, but I don't know if I can change the drive to C after that?

Any suggestions? Thanks!