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04-09-2007, 12:48 PM
HI everyone! I'm new to posting on this forum but I visit and read frequently! I have a problem of my own and I'm hoping someone/anyone can shed some light. Here is my situation! Last night while trying to install a program, I got a window stating not enough hard drive space to install program. The thing is, the computer is empty! I checked out my C: drive properties and looked at my Drive capacity pie which showed all blue. Hard drive full. My hard drive is 250GB x 2 Raid 0.

Is it possible one of raid drives failed? Would this cause this to happen? If this in fact the case does anyone have an idea of how I can rectify this error. Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Juless.

Asus Striker Extr SLI Quad 680i
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.40
2X1GB Corsair DDR 6400
Evga Geforce G8800GTS x 2
250GB SATA II 3.GB 7200RPM 8MBx2
RAID-0 Striping

Paul Komski
04-09-2007, 12:57 PM
One of the problems with a stiped RAID-0 is that if there is a problem with one drive the whole array goes down.

However it's not clear that is what has happened. Can you still get into Windows and if so what version are you running. Also is there just one 500mb partition in the array or more than one and are there any other hard drives on the PC.

Is this a hardware RAID (from the BIOS) or a software RAID running on dynamic volumes, etc, etc. The more specific information you can supply the better.

Have you lost data and is data recovery of pre-eminent importance?

Is it possible one of raid drives failed?It's possible there is a problem with one drive but unlikely if you can boot into the partition and a broken hardware array will normally inform you of the fact during boot-up.

04-09-2007, 01:21 PM
I'm very new to the whole Raid system. It is Hardware RAID (from the bios). I run Windows XP. I have a 250GB external hard drive attached.

What happened exactly is while I was playing a game I received a notification that stated a Raid drive failure. My system continued to run fine, game ran fine, accessing the internet no problems. I could access every file I had on the system (granted the system is fairly new, so there isn't much on it.). I didn't realize my hard drive was full until I tried install C++ software for school.

Via My computer C: drive properties it shows it as 1 large drive 500gb, capacity at 99% full. When I accesss my storage program via Nvidia it shows my 2 drives 250gb each, operating correctly. I'm just at a loss.

I'm currently at work so I don't have access to my system. I noticed this last night at 2am.

Paul Komski
04-09-2007, 04:43 PM
Regardless that the drive is showing as full it looks as if you can boot to the C: drive OK.

If that is the case I would run chkdsk /r from a command prompt. It will probably want to run the disk checking at the next boot-up.

I guess the Nvidia storage program is RAID configuration/maintenance software running from windows.

As far as I can tell you have two 250s in a 500gig RAID-0 that has some file system or other problem that doesn't prevent the system from operating at some basic level.

If you have data on the RAID drive that is important then back it up now onto your external drive or elsewhere - since you may be forced into a reinstall or even your RAID-0 may fail totally.

I would reconsider using a stripe as your main system partition and if you are going to continue to do so at least consider partitioning the 500gig into more manageable units.

It might also be wise to run the HDD makers diagnostics to test both drives out.