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04-23-2007, 08:32 PM
Hi all!

Ok, now here’s my dilemma. My PC configuration prior to the reformat was:

1 80G Western Digital (WD) HD partitioned into two drives of C: 20G and F: 60G (OS).
1 80G WD HD unpartitioned.
1 Seagate 250G unpartitioned.

Both WD’s were setup PATA. The Seagate is a PATA drive but I’m using a PATA to SATA converter so I could use one of the open SATA slots on my MOBO. The WD’s and both of my optical drives took up all of my PATA slots.

Everything worked flawlessly prior to me deciding to reformat XP.

When I started the reformat process, I disconnected the 250G storage drive so I wouldn’t loose any data. I ran killdisk and completely wiped clean both C & F drives. I used a SP2 slipstream disk to do my reformat. I deleted both C & F partitions since I thought it was completely useless. Reinstalled XP and everything worked fine.

When I shutdown the PC so I could reconnect my 250G HD, it locked up when I powered up. The BIOS can see the drive perfectly, but when it gets to the black XP screen where the bar slides from left to right under the “XP” insignia, it just freezes up. I shutdown and disconnect the drive and everything works perfect. I connect the drive while XP is running and disk management doesn’t see it.

What am I forgetting here? My 80G Storage drive works just fine, but for some reason I cant get windows to see the Seagate 250G again.

Any ideas?



System Details:
P4 3.0C
1 Gig Crucial Ram DDR 400 (I believe)
2 Wester Digital 80G HD's
1 Seagate 250G HD
1 Plextor Optical CDRW
1 Sony Optical DVDRW


04-23-2007, 08:44 PM
try reinstalling the drivers for the seagate
That would be the first thing to try
(i am not sure if it came with drivers, but i would check that first)

05-03-2007, 09:53 PM
I had a similar problem yesterday. I reformatted the original hard drive and made the old hard drive the slave then reinstalled xp. Both hard drive were visible in bios and device manager but when I opened my computer I could only see and access the new hard drive. Turned out I needed to format and assign a logical drive letter which I did by entering..
1. control panel
2. performance and maintainence
3. administrative tools
4. computer management
5. storage
6. disk management
In this section all your hard drives should be displayed and tell you if there is a problem. You may just need to assign a logical drive letter which can be done here (because without this letter windows will never let you see this drive)

hope this helps