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11-14-2000, 07:19 AM
Could you tell me where I can find a comprehensive guide to developments to peripherals in the last few years??

Paleo Pete
11-14-2000, 08:58 AM
A trip to your friendly neighborhood Search Engines (http://www.dogpile.com) will turn up lots of hits, and plenty review sites. Searching through their archives might help.

A couple of the more common sites:

PC Magazine (http://www.zdnet.com/pcmag/)

Computer Resolutions (http://www.computeresolutions.com/guide/index.html) has a nice buyer's guide.

Speaking of buyer's guides, the PC Guide (http://www.PCGuide.com) has a good one too.

DUX Computer Digest (http://www.duxcw.com/index.html) is worth a peek.

My site posted below, also has some good links that may be worth checking out.

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