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01-14-2001, 04:20 PM
Hi if anybody needs Transcender CD ,send me email
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I don't need mine because I passed with high score (770)

I didn't believe but after I passed ,
I can tell you guys

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Paleo Pete
01-15-2001, 08:22 AM
Sorry guy, can't do that. If you read the Legal Notice (http://www.transcender.com/company/policy.asp?id=14) posted on the Transcender website, you'll see that the software is yours and cannot be passed on.

Exerpt from the licensing agreement:

The Software is made available for downloading solely for use by end users according to the terms of the License Agreement. Any unauthorized use, and any reproduction or redistribution of the Software (except in strict compliance with the License Agreement) is expressly prohibited by law, and may result in severe civil and criminal penalties. Violators will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible.

I'm sure this applies to the CD as well. Read its licensing agreement.

I don't like it much either, I see no reason you shouldn't be able to sell, trade or give away a CD you're through with, but it happens to be a direct violation of the license agreement, which basically falls under the heading of software piracy.

If I allow this on the forum then I'm leaving Charles open to possible legal problems relating to supporting software piracy.

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