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09-08-2000, 09:43 PM
I really don't know where to begin (novice geek here)! Computer is Pent 550mg, 20gig, 96ram in good working order until! He also has Panda Antivirus before this happened. This order of events might not be exact. Last night I loaded Macaffee Office 2000 on a friends computer when the computer turned off by itself about 1/2 way through. We re-booted and I didn't see the Macafee Icon on desktop (like on mine), nor did I see Gaurd Dog in programs. So, we uninstalled, then re-installed (meanwhile, taking out files that I'm sure should have probably remained, inc. I think a boot sector, or something). Win 98 kept refusing to completly open up to start. He deleted Panda Antivirus. We tryed to use a start disk, and reload Win 98. Anyway the computer now will get part way through starting Win 98 and get (at least one) error message: (He just told me over the phone - said it happened this morn). Files missing or corrupted, ASP18DOS.SYS, ASP14DOS.SYS, ASP18U2.SYS, ASPICD.SYS, COMMAND.COM, then it says: type name of command interpreter (e.g., C:\windows\command.com). Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks a lot people.

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09-09-2000, 12:15 AM
First thing, is their anything on this hard drive that can't be lost? If I owned the computer, I would just reformat the computer and put windows back in. but, if there is important documents and files in there, then maybe you could try booting into safe mode. If you are getting something about an interpreter, such as the command.com file is missing, that is not good. My question, what happened when you used teh boot disk, did you get to a dos screen? If you can get there type in "win /d:m" and that will take you to safe mode, or at least it should. From there you can save files on floppies and such.

If you want to reload windows, you should reformat the drive first. Normally just reinstalling windows over top of existing windows ends up causing more problems than it solves.

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Paleo Pete
09-11-2000, 12:18 PM
It might be because I already had McAffee on my syatem, but when I tried to install Panda I had lots of trouble with it, took me 2 days to get my machine back in working condition. Illegal operation errors, fatal exception errors, BSOD's, you name it. HAd to do everything I could think of just to get it to boot.

Try booting to a win98 start up disk and at the A:\> prompt run scanreg. Here's how:

At the A:\>prompt type
scanreg /restore and hit [Enter] Make sure you put the space before the /

Then choose a registry backup made before all this happened. After running scanreg, again at the A:\> prompt type
sys c: and after a few seconds you'll get the message System Transferred This will restore command.com. Then try to reboot, and if that doesn't take care of it, then think about the format/fdisk/reinstall process. From the looks of things you might have no choice but to reinstall. If so, do a clean install, don't try to install without formatting the drive, that usually brings existing problems along with it.

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