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Charles Kozierok
04-16-2001, 03:38 PM
The server errors should be corrected.. for now. Thanks to everyone who wrote to tell me about them. Please don't hesitate to do this as I don't really know when a problem crops up otherwise.
The difficulty appears to have been caused, once again, by some idiot running a robot program that was generating hundreds of requests per minute to the server. That IP address has now been permanently blocked from the site.
Please, PLEASE do not use web robots to try to mass-download every page on the forums. The robots try to follow every link and bring the server to its knees. If you want to download a SMALL number of pages using a robot fine, but I will have no choice but to block from the site any IPs that knock the server out of commission due to running a poorly-behaved web robot.

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Paleo Pete
04-17-2001, 08:45 AM
Guess I missed out on all the fun, everything worked fine for me last time I logged on. I get a server error once or twice every few days, usually I don't worry about it, that happens with just about any website. You'll hear from me if it becomes a frequent problem on any particular day.

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