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08-28-2000, 10:23 PM
I would like to ask u guys...how does windows handle DOS programs..if u guys have a website where i can found the fact about windows handle dos please tell me or emel me at fawwaz97@hotmail.com

Charles Kozierok
08-28-2000, 10:32 PM
Depends largely on the version of Windows actually. Windows 9x handles DOS programs rather well, but still some older software doesn't work quite right. Windows NT is a bit more picky; Windows 3.x was very bad. http://www.PCGuide.com/ubb/smile.gif

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Paul Reid
08-29-2000, 12:36 PM
Originally posted by fawwaz:
how does windows handle DOS programs..

I somewhat disagree with Charles; I've had hardly any problems running DOS under Windows. I feel that NT4 is in many ways a better DOS than DOS. My Dad is pretty sharp and he felt that Win95 was better for developing DOS programs than naked DOS.

I'm having far more problems running old DOS apps on fast CPUs than Windows troubles. My new 400 CPU makes several of my DOS apps die or lie.

I do agree with Charles that it matters which Windows you have in mind, and which specific DOS apps you need to run.

Yesterday someone reported (at another forum) that WinME won't let Word Perfect (DOS) 6.0 run. Sounds like an MS plot to sell WORD. However, he reported back a few hours later to say that a patch he quickly found on the Web lets it work.

There seems to be a lot of misinformation going around. Some DOS things just won't happen under some Windows, true. Some will, but you have to tune. Some need real hacking. And you can't blame Windows for DOS apps that choke on fast CPUs, but some people don't bother to try the same app in naked DOS on the new CPU. (BTW, DOS 5.0 and Win311 were very happy on my 400MHz.)


09-11-2000, 08:54 AM
Hey, hasn't DOS 6.xx or other been out for ages now?

For more compatibility, ya might wanna upgrade. http://www.PCGuide.com/ubb/wink.gif


09-30-2000, 06:55 PM
One problem i had was that Dos programs needed extended memory which windows does not normally provide, but you can turn it on by right clicking on a dos program icon and setting the extended memory. This helped me revive a lot of old games that i could not get to work. (Yeah for Dune 2!)