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12-01-2000, 03:38 PM
does java chat stay resident on your computer? In other words if you conducted a chat and wanted to review it 2 days later can you go into history and get it.


Paleo Pete
12-01-2000, 03:50 PM
Don't think so, although it might be kept in cache until cleared out for other data, but as far as I know it isn't actually stored on your computer anywhere, just posted on the screen as you go.

Maybe someone else will have a better idea.

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12-03-2000, 07:22 PM
Unfortunately, Java chat is the opposite of program chat, in that it leaves no residue on the computer, other than in your history folder (in the history folder only shows the link to the page that opened the java chat window, not the actual content of your conversation). The applet is downloaded into temporary internet files, and it accesses a plugin that resides on your computer, and it allows you to send the data back to the server and receive data from the server. But, no residue of the conversation is left on your computer, unless you have a keystroke capture program or unless you copy and paste it into a text file.

Aol instant messagner, yahoo messenger, and icq, amonst others, can be setup to creat a log file of your conversation.

Joe Redd

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Paleo Pete
12-04-2000, 06:14 AM
Correct except for one thing Redd, ICQ history does keep a log of every message sent or recieved. Comes in real handy too, when I need to look up something, like a URL someone sent me (typed in) 6 months ago...

Soon as I come up with all the answers...they change the questions!!

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Charles Kozierok
12-05-2000, 03:28 PM
You could also cut and paste manually. Almost anything can be copied and pasted; try highlight text and pressing "Ctrl-C", even it isn't offered as a menu option.

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