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10-02-2000, 09:27 PM
I received a error message after the latest installation of netscape communicator and the error reas as:

#error: the cerificate issue for this server is not recognise by
netscape. the security cerificate may/may not valid. netscape refuse to connect to this server #jar file:C\program

files\netscape\communicator\program\java\classes\j ava40.jar
files\netscape\communicator\program\ava\calsses\ja va40.jar
java lang.securityexecption.system classes user not signed

10-02-2000, 09:30 PM
Hmm, kill netscape and use IE 5.5 just kidding. Netscape is good, but i dont know why you are getting that error.

Paleo Pete
10-03-2000, 01:45 AM
Check Netscape's website and see if they have any info posted about the message you're getting. The Microsoft Knowledge Database (http://search.microsoft.com/us/SearchMS25.asp) might also have something that will help. I don't have any Netscape specific links handy, I've always stuck with Internet Explorer, been running it since it was version 3.0.

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10-06-2000, 03:05 AM
First...I know zip about Netscape...with that said...Internet Explorer uses a certificate validation security option (user level set in the custom security level) all this meaning that I can tell the browser to authenticate a web site via it's certificate and then tell it to not download from that site if the certificate is invalid/revoked/non-existent(depending on your customized settings). So my suggestion is to look for this some where in the security settings for the browser like in tools or options or any option of this sort. Sorry I can't give you the keys to push in Netscape "been monkey-on-the-back[ed]" by IE. I don't even know if you have the Internet Options folder in the control panel when using Netscape. Hope this is at least a starting point-Jerry

ps-This could be a good thing if the site as had some bad words reported of them

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