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09-07-2000, 11:46 AM
Does anyone know if there is a website, or even if this idea will work? I'd like to download to my laptop an A drive boot up disk to see if I can get my desktop to boot up. It is operating win 95 and I have that CD rom, but can't seem to get it to boot from the CD rom drive.

Appreciate any help anyone might have.

Thanks - Matt

09-07-2000, 03:03 PM
To make a boot disk, you need to be in windows. I would find a machine that is running windows 98, because a windows 98 boot disk loads the cd rom drivers. What a boot disk does is get you to a command prompt, aka a dos prompt screen. in order to make a boot disk, you need to find a working windows computer, preferably 98, go into control panel, into add/remove programs, and go to the startup-disk tab, and have your formatted floppy, and hit create disk. I know with windows 98 cd, you can go into bios and set it to boot from cdrom, but I am not too sure about windows 95.

Joe Redd

Son of Zeus
09-07-2000, 11:57 PM
mattcaradonna, ReddDogg,

"a windows 98 boot disk loads the cd rom drivers". This is true only if your CD-ROM drive is on its recognised list. Legacy, generic, non-IDE, or uncommon CD-ROM drives will not be recognised.

However if it can't find an appropriate driver it will advise you & allow you to load them separately off another floppy.

Best of Luck.......Son of Zeus.

Paleo Pete
09-11-2000, 10:30 AM
Maybe I'll put this link in my signature...I seem to be posting it a lot this morning...

Boot Disk (http://www.bootdisk.com) is the place you're looking for.

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