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09-29-2000, 07:25 PM
I just bought a new AMD K6 2 500mhz processor i have had it in and it wont boot the pc my old processor was a genuine intel pentium 150 help other people told me to change motherboard settings how please help me

09-29-2000, 08:25 PM
You need to tell us what kind of Motherboard you have. If you do not have the manual you will need to go to the manufactures web page and dl a copy. IF you do not know the manufacture or are unable to optain a copy of the manual it will be very difficult or nearly impossible to set up the motherboard to run your new processor.

Sounds like you have a lot to learn, I do not mean that as a put down but as a statment of fact, have you explored the PC Guide. It will be well worth your while to read the information avialible on this web site. Read through the material, then come here to ask questions and get clarifations. By the time you get this sorted out you will have a much better understanding of your system and computers in general. Good luck

Paleo Pete
09-29-2000, 10:59 PM
I agree, check around and read up on what you're trying to do. No put down intended, just good advice. Would you try to rebuild a car engine having never even changed oil, without finding out a bit of info about it?

Anyway, lecture over, here's a bit of help:

Write down the BIOS ID string, it will be at either the top left or bottom left during the second boot screen, the first is the video BIOS info. The [Pause] key will stop the boot process and hold that screen so you can write it down. Any other key will resume the boot process. Then go to my site, posted below, and look for links to the Award or AMI sites and you'll find info there on how to identify the motherboard, and maybe get a manual. The Motherboard/BIOS links at the top link, Trish's, are very good too, and make sure and check out the BIOS Survival Guide, it's very good. Trish's also has a couple of good sites listed for identifying your motherboard.

In a machine that was using a 150 MHz CPU I hate to say it, but you will very likely find that the 500MHz AMD won't be supported by your motherboard. Most boards that support 150MHz CPU's aren't likely to handle more than about 266MHz or so. Get a manual if possible, and look it up.

And don't feel like we're jumping on you, that's not the intent. Just trying to point out the importance of looking before you leap, always the best way to go with computers.

Here's the reason your CPU might not work. The motherboard must be set to provide the proper voltage for the CPU, and the main system bus speed and a multiplier must also be set. The board you have is not likely to have settings for higher than 66MHz or 75MHz system bus, and 3 or 3.5 multiplier, which would come up to 233MHz or 266MHz CPU support. The board very possibly could also only support Intel CPU's. I have one of that type, and uses only up to 133MHz. Just got a Cyrix 110MHz, and can't use it...You'll have to have the manual to find out for sure.

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