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11-10-2000, 01:59 PM
Pete I read an answer u gave a while back about what u shud not unchek on
this page. Can u give me the function of the following? I ask because I
unchecked mine in order to boost performance.
Load Power Profile (2 duplicate entries) I'm told both shud be there and
both shud be checked.
Keep in mind this is OEM windows 98 SE and I know manufacturers doctor
the software.
Task Monitor I assume refers to the task scheduling settings.
All I activate on startup is SYSTRAY,STARTER,MSNMSG,EXPLORER
I know!!!" where is Virus protection", I only activate it when I need it.

Paleo Pete
11-10-2000, 10:19 PM
The ones that are necessary:
Scan Registry
Task Monitor

Load Power Profile is probably not absolutely necessary, but it's a good idea to leave it.
Task Monitor is the application that opens with the three finger salute...[Ctrl] [Alt] [Del] in other words...
Look at the path beside the others. I have several for McAffee, like AlogservEXE, AvconsoleEXE, Vshwin32EXE, etc. The path beside it will show the folder to the program, by that you can figure out which ones are your virus scanner.

MSNMSG would be MSN Messenger, I don't know what Starter is, and I don't have Explorer showing in mine, that would be the core Windows GUI. It always runs by default.

Check to be absolutely sure that doesn't say EXPLORE without the 2nd R. If it's EXPLORE, it's a trojan! Definitely uncheck it, and get back to me, I have some links that will help remove it. If it's Explorer leave it. Should be no problem. It should show up in system.ini too, if it's a trojan. Look for a LOAD= line, or SHELL=. I'll look up the info if you need it, not positive about the locations, pulling this up from memory, and it has a bad habit of leaking out since I lost all that hair to keep it in...

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11-13-2000, 12:03 PM
Pete it is definitely ExploreR. Also found it in system.ini.
Also I have config.sys and system.ini disabled on startup.
I enabled Load Power Profile (both) did not reduce resources %.

Paleo Pete
11-13-2000, 05:23 PM
Good, glad to know it's Explorer, one of the more popular trojans out there uses a program that changes it to Exlpore, and when you posted that, the old red flag popped up quick!

Didn't think Power management had much to do with resources, it basically just sits there and watches the clock. Usually the only reason to disable it is for troubleshooting, if you think you have a problem related to it, and then it's best to disable it in Display Properties, under the Screen Saver tab.

If you had everything...Where would you put it?

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