View Full Version : Can an internal CD-RW be used with a hardware sampler?

Mac Marty
12-15-2000, 11:04 AM
I've been seeing internal CD-RW's for really cheap and I would really like to get a CD-RW to load and save samples from an Akai S3000XL sampler. I was wondering if anyone knows if internal CD-R can be used with the Akai and if so does anyone know how to do it? Could the CD-RW be used by both the computer and the Akai without having to re-connect anything? If it does work and you do it that way could that set-up cause problems with the computer it's installed in, or does it matter? Thank you

Paleo Pete
12-15-2000, 06:11 PM
OK, knowing you're a PC musician, I'm assuming the Akai sampler is a keyboard of sorts. Strangely enough, I'm a musician and know nothing about samplers...don't get me started about guitars though http://www.PCGuide.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

I think you can use the sampler the same as another periferal with no problems, if it plugs into a midi port and you have the computer set up to use midi, you should be good to go.

As far as using it with CD I'm not sure, but I think the best way to go would be to save whatever peice you want to use as a file, then write it to CD later. No reason that should't work, once you save it as a file it's no different than any other sound file, and should write to a cd the same way. That's for files you create yourself, of course.

Loading samples into the thing might be a horse of a different color, you might be better off with an external, so you can switch from one to the other with no major problems, or just connect a standard CD ROM to the sampler to load from. No reason to have a writer there anyway, it can't write directly to it, or I don't think it can...

Whather you can use a CD ROM with it at all depends on whether it has an input plug somewhere that will accept it, and then it might be a standard stereo jack, not a computer plug. I'm not familiar with them though, you might just luck out and find out it's set up specifically to use with computers.

Check and see what info you can find on it, I'm sure Akai has a website somewhere out there in cyberspace, and they might have a FAQ page, or tech support you can consult for better help than I can ever offer...

Soon as I come up with all the answers...they change the questions!!

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