View Full Version : IDE Resource Conflict

10-19-2000, 10:14 AM
I have a resource conflict problem on a recently rebuilt 166MHz Pentium.

When checking the Details Page (WIn 95 or 98), I see that there are resource conflicts on both the Primary and Secondary controlers. Here is what I have found:

Intel 82371FB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller
Primary Controler
IRQ 15
Intel 82371FB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller
Secondary Controler

The exclamation mark is only on the "Primary" and "Secondary" controllers. The PCI IDE Controllers (whatever that does) seem OK e.g. no exclamation mark. I noticed that these controllers share the same resources. (?)

I have a single Hard Drive drive (450M) on the Primary channel and a CD-ROM on the Secondary channel.

If I unplug the CD-ROM, there are no conflicts. If I plug in the CD-ROM, it shows these resource conflicts.

I have tried numerous jumper settings with no success and currently have both the HD and CD jumpered to Master Drive settings.

I have tried different HDs and have loaded both Win 98 and Win 95 and have the same problem on each OS.

If I disable the secondary IDE channel in my BIOS, it shows no conflicts but of course the CD-ROM isn't available then since it is on the secondary channel. I suspect that I need to set something in my BIOS (Award)but am not sure what.