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10-28-2000, 01:10 PM
Last week I turned on my PC and after the post the screen came
up then I heard the beeps which I am sure were more then eight. I reset and the screen did not come up. After playing with the connections and resetting the system the screen came back up. This remains a constant problem a I have to reset everytime I turn the PC on in order to get a screen. Are there specific steps in diagnosing a problem like this? I have also received the error message "CPU SETTINGS INCORRECT" after two of the resets. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

10-29-2000, 01:13 AM
Sounds like the default settings for your bios don't match your system specs. You may need to go into your bios and correct the settings for your cpu speed and anything else that does not match your computer's configuration.

Paleo Pete
10-29-2000, 01:53 AM
Try replacing the CMOS battery too, and run a good virus scanner. I don't know of any virus that tinkers with BIOS offhand, but anytime you have strange problems of this type, that's the first thing I always check out.

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