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12-08-2010, 05:08 PM
I was reading PC mag and came across a article on Live Tech by CyberDefender, and apparently they have a 24 x7 help line for tech support. what i find that this LiveTech service is different, because that they offer - for $239 to 'give your computer an initial diagnostic and fix any problems found. Then any time you need tech help, day or night, you can call on them. They'll get your printer installed, clean up malware problems, optimize your PC's performance, and that they dont out source they are all from one Company. For me, and maybe many of us on this forum, we can do this stuff ourselves.
but like me as well i have that one relative that is totally unfamiliar with computers and calls me once a week so i can try to figure out over the phone whats wrong with his pc, and since its family dont have the heart to say no, but after calculating the collection of hours of frustration as they try to describe what thier pc is doing, or describing how to get into certain functions, i beleive this may be a ideal gift. The article stated they fix your c thru remote control, Does this mean remote access? and if so how secure is such a service? I have posted my question on other forums and not many were able to give much feed back, For any Information concerning LiveTech would be highly appreciated

12-08-2010, 05:15 PM
When I'm helping friends/family sort issues on their machine, as long as it's running in some capacity and they have an Internet connection, I go for TeamViewer (http://www.teamviewer.com/index.aspx) to remote-access their PC.

This is a free application, which is installed on both PCs and users can negotiate a connection using IDs and passwords. Just as an example: I live in the US and was speaking to an old work colleague back home in Scotland. She was frantic because she had a particularly nasty piece of malware on her machine. Of course, it was the usual deal: no backups to speak of, no OS disk to be found anywhere, and so forth. I remote-connected to her PC and sorted things out for her, much to her relief.

Of course, I would recommend anyone using this should only work with people they trust implicitly. Although it's possible for the person who's being helped to break control at any time, you wouldn't want some stranger messing around with your machine.