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Hassan Naqvi
08-22-2001, 08:24 AM
Hi friends,
I am using cable net & it's LAN connection of 20 user's.I am geting 2-3kbps downloading speed.I want to ask is there any possibilities of using maximum LAN resources.I mean i have to do a voice chat using cable net.My network admin. took no guarantee of voice chat support.But i think i can do by using softwares & powerfull NIC(Network Interface Card).
Help me pls.

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08-22-2001, 01:27 PM
It all depends on how your network admin manages his network traffic.
Sorry, but no local computer changes will effect that. ( of course, if he allows you to change your NIC and install any software that you want, he may not be managing his network too tightly http://www.PCGuide.com/ubb/smile.gif ) I suggest You work with him if you need to use "maxium" network resources.

Hope this helps http://www.PCGuide.com/ubb/smile.gif

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