View Full Version : Win 7 recovery time?

03-26-2011, 09:28 AM
Ok this is getting a little ridiculous. I have about a 2yr old HP Pavillion (not the one I'm currently using) with Win 7 64 bit Home Premium and the hard drive was failing. Called and had HP send me a complete set of recovery discs (ended up being 5) to put Win 7 on a new hard drive. I read about these super quiet and fast solid state drives and bought one (Intel). Removed the 750gig hare drive and replaced it with the solid state. Went through the load sequence with all discs and it seemed to be working perfectly. When the last disc ejected the screen had a "click here" to install windows. Removed the disc, clicked it and the screens were typical of loading and all seemed to be great. I remember the messages saying don't interrupt the load and your computer may reboot several times. I think it said it would take up to 3 hours. That was about 14 hours ago. The system does not appear to be locked up as files are still streaming across the screen. I searched and found one guy on the net say it could take a day? Anyone heard of such a thing?

I just wonder how long it is going to be before I just pull the plug and start over.