View Full Version : Problem w/file associations in Win7

Fred Forsythe
06-26-2011, 03:26 PM
Win 7 home 64 bit. Whenever I dl a PDF in FF, then attempt to open it by clicking on the file in the download box, I am 1st told the file can't be opened, because the associated app (Foxit reader) does not exist. Never mind that it does. This is even indicated by the icon in the DL box. If I re associate the file with Foxit, I am then told the PDF cannot be saved, because I cannot change the content of the folder ((appdata/local/temp). Never mind that I have changed this folder from "Read only" repeatedly. And never mind that I have FF set to save all files to the DESKTOP in the 1st place!

If I search for the file and double click it, it opens fine in Foxit.

But having said that, does anyone know how to deal with this file association issue? How can I get WE to LEAVE the temp folder READABLE? And to see that the associated app IS present?

Why is it computers are SOOOO good at remembering what you DON'T want them to remember, but so BAD at remembering what you DO want them to???

I hate this bloody OS.



Fred Forsythe
06-27-2011, 08:13 PM
Fixed it in FF using these tips: http://kb.mozillazine.org/The_associated_helper_application_does_not_exist