View Full Version : Autostart prgm requiring elevated privilege in std user acct?

06-26-2011, 05:50 PM
The basic question is, if you're an administrator & also use std user acct(s) in Vista, can a prgm requiring elevated privilege be made to start w/ Windows in the std user acct, W/O having the UAC prompt opening, requiring user to enter an admin PW at every restart?

I've read / learned more about using Task Scheduler than I ever wanted to know. Some articles / posts seem to say you can get elevated prgms to run in std users' accts(w/o UAC prompt) if you enter correct settings in Task Scheduler. I've seen other statements that "you can not cause an elevated privilege prgm to run in a std user acct, w/o the user entering an admin PW in the UAC prompt."

I'm dealing w/ SpeedFan temperature monitoring prgm, but it's a general question. I've tried every conceivable selection of settings in Task Scheduler (Vista x64). Best I can do is get it to start w/o prompt when logging in an admin acct. None of the many articles' steps I've tried stop the UAC prompt for SpeedFan when logging in a user acct.

This may / may not be a design of Vista / W7 to prevent administrators from giving certain rights to user accts, no matter if the admin thinks it's OK, or the admin & user are same person. To keep malware from exploiting the same ability. I'm not an expert in that area. Thanks.