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07-13-2011, 02:39 PM
I have switched from satellite dish for my internet provider to wireless DSL with (Bell) not sure how it is called outside of Canada...I am with Windows 7 and using Chrome browser...
I play a lot of games on facebook specially "Wheel of Fortune"...since having this new DSL wireless, the game is constantly flickering, going white and coming back in split seconds, making it very hard to play...the game window is not full screen and the advertisements on the right side do not flicker, they stay normal...any ideas...this new IP says it has nothing to do with them..(of course)..
Any help will be appreciated, and yes I have just cleared my cache this morning with no positive results...:(

07-13-2011, 04:23 PM
Was your connection wireless before? Is the internet in general very slow?

You can try running a speed test here (http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/) or here (http://www.speedtest.net/) and post back with your results for us to see.

Also, you can try upgrading Adobe Flash player here (http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/) (the current version is 10.3)

Paul Komski
07-14-2011, 05:08 AM
wireless DSL
Could this be via a mobile telephone dongle - usually attached by USB - and this side of the ocean would use G3 for "broadband". If so location can be temperamental.

07-14-2011, 02:41 PM
I will try to answer your questions to the best of my knowledge...I was not wireless before, it was satellite dish...with modem.
Before, I was with xplornet/hughes satellite system..it was a form of high speed but not as fast as what I have been getting with Bell since yesterday...Two years ago, the first subscription with the satellite was the "basic"...I then upgraded to "Plus" after one year since I was experiencing downloading speed problems...when I upgraded to the higher package, I noticed immediately that the game was flicking a bit but not as bad as now...so to my understanding, the faster the internet, the more flickering I experience while playing this game...now with Bell being faster than the satellite it flckers more..
I downloaded to the latest version of Adobe as per your recommendation but no changes so far...it is the same.
Tried running a speed test so I could post my results for you but can not find my area/city to click on...I live in Ontario, Canada..
And yes for the last question, Paul, this connection is DSL through a NID installed outside of my house...(wiring distribution device) and/or demarcation point.
Thank You and hope someone has a solution...

Cuc Tu
07-14-2011, 03:46 PM
for the speed test, Click on any location near, or wherever. You are just selecting a server from which to send and receive test data.

07-15-2011, 09:02 AM
OK did the speed test...clicked on 2 cities...got roughly the same answer with slight difference...here are my results.
Download Speed: 2.54 Mbps
Upload Speed : 0.53 Mbps

Hope this helps and thank you so much for trying to help me...

07-15-2011, 03:15 PM
Problem solved...the blinking was caused by auto zoom...after resetting the zoom back to its original 100% instead of 120%, the blinking stopped immediately...
Very happy it was such a small detail...;)