View Full Version : TWO Networks...Intermittant Connectivity_Close, But NO Cigar

07-16-2011, 12:46 AM

Thanks to all who helped in my previous thread...as u may recall, I had intermittant connectivity to the internet. I went thru 2 new PC's & 2 modems from verizon to no avail. I did all the ipconfig & DNS release & renew stuff, also to no avail.

When I had NO connectivity, the network icon in the task area was showing 2 Networks. When I rebooted (sometimes as many as 5 times)...& was connected, that icon showed only 1 Network.

Today, a smart verizon tech figured it out (but I still need some OS help). He walked me thru the deletion of my Public Network. When that occured, BOTH Networks were gone. Then we re-enabled the Home Network; & it worked...I was instantly able to get online.

But when I rebooted, the same problem reoccured...TWO Networks again.

So he asked me what I did when I first powered up the computer, in the original Network Setup dialog. When he asked that question, I remembered that I DID in fact choose a Public Network. He said, ah-ha...I should have chosen the Home Network. He said that when I reboot, the machine looks for the Public Network, because of my original choice; & that it was being confused & combining the two...which is why both Networks disappear when I disabled only the Public Network.

So now...I'm really close to solving this problem...the only thing left to be done is to UNDO that original selection...please, HOW IS THIS ACCOMPLISHED...???


Windows 7 Pro