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07-19-2011, 11:58 PM
Hello, I'm hoping somebody can give me some ideas about whats wrong with my pc. My computer recently started freezing a lot. After checking speedfan and seeing really high temperatures I thought the reason was overheating, but today after I took it to a computer place to get cleaned and having the temperatures return to normal I went about 4-5 hours and then it started freezing again. :mad:

The problem seems to happen most often when I'm browsing the web but that might just be a coincidence. The last time it froze was when I was on youtube a couple hours ago, everything froze up except for the mouse and the sound (which immediately got distorted). After trying to ctrl alt del to bring up the task manager nothing happened so I clicked a few times trying to close my browser but then my pointer froze in place. Task manager eventually showed up about a minute later and I tried closing my browser process but everything just froze up again. About a minute after that the window for my browser closed and I was on my desktop, but everything was still frozen and the audio from the movie was still playing.

At this point nothing was going except the distorted audio so I just waited for the audio to stop playing thinking it might unfreeze. After a couple minutes I got a blue screen and my system restarted, but less than 10 seconds after I got past the user login I froze again but this time I immediately got a blank black screen. I waited about 5 minutes and turned my pc back on and now its been running for around 2 hours.

I'm thinking I will take it into the shop tomorrow but I figured I'd try and see if anyone could help before I have to go through that hassle again. I would appreciate any input anyone might have. I'm not sure if it is needed but I have included a zip file with what I think is the .dmp file containing the blue screen information. :confused: Also here are my current speedfan readings, before the cleaning temp1 would sometimes hit 75c and temp3 would hit 80c.


07-20-2011, 01:20 AM
before the cleaning temp1 would sometimes hit 75c and temp3 would hit 80c.

Refresh the Heat Sink Fan and CPU bond with fresh compound. That stuff doesn't last forever and in a system that's ever overheated, it's very likely to have dried out and cracked like clay. That's especially likely if the thicker 2-sided sticky-tapes some processors come with.