View Full Version : Vista booting from wrong partition

07-26-2011, 02:35 AM
I had Vista installed on a hard drive with a single primary partition.

I used BootIt NG to slide the partition up and create room for a new primary partition at the beginning of the hard drive, so that Vista is now on the second primary partition. I installed Windows 7 on the first partition.

I also created a small partition at the end of the hard drive with FreeDOS and installed BootIt NG on it. I set up BootIt NG with a menu to boot into either Windows 7 (the first partition), Vista (the second) or FreeDOS (the third).

My problem is that selecting the Vista partition causes the computer to boot up into Windows 7 instead of Vista, even though the Vista menu item in BootIt NG is set to boot from the second partition. The only way for me to boot into Vista is to delete the first partition on the hard drive.

I'm guessing something needs to be edited in the BCD file for the second (Vista) partition, but I don't know what to edit. Any suggestions?