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08-25-2011, 07:07 AM
Hi I am using Windows 7. and dual booting into Ubuntu. I want to ask is it a hardware or software problems that my laptop are having. this past few weeks i've been having random crash/reboot and it will goes into those i mentioned in the title. but after i hard pressed the power button to turn it off, and turn it on again, it will boot into window 7 again normally. but it keep doing this a few times already past few days. since last month i've been hearing like a disc cracking sound at the hard disk part or sometimes screeching-like sound. but i thought it was normal that the disk is working.

i am currently backing up my disk and prepared to format my laptop. hopefully there is a solution. any way i can post a log file?

08-25-2011, 12:59 PM
[...]i am currently backing up my disk [...]
That is a very, very good idea. It sounds like a hardware problem if the drive is making odd sounds.

Are you getting any errors?

08-25-2011, 01:02 PM
errors? meaning in what?

the latest i got is the error saying problem with I/O disk. stated by torrent application and skype. both stopped working cuz of the error. got reboot crashed. force shutdown and now working fine. i'm sure it will happen again, though i hopefully do not want that. its tiring to start from fresh~~

08-25-2011, 01:49 PM
1. Possible/probable cause:
(a) corruption of the partition_file_system...
And subsequent/resulting "lost" [fragments of?] folders/files.

(b) This Windows can no longer be trusted to function fully and normally.

2. The FIX:
(a) Scan and fix the Windows partition filesystem.
This may not be good enough if there are lost fragment that affect the operation of the OS.
Restoring an image would be better.

(b) Don't scan/fix using [any program run within] the affected Windows OS.
Do from something external to that Windows OS.

(c) My own 1st choice is "Puppy_Linux->GParted->choose the physical HDD->right-click the partition->click "check"".

(d) FalconFour's_UBCD->Mini-XP->"Check_disk" succeeded [for me] in scanning/fixing an NTFS partition_file_system in the one case where GParted failed.

(a) If you don't already have an image backup...
Make one before the scan/fix.

(b) If you do have an image backup, that should fix the problem and eliminate the need for a scan.
And it's better than a scan.

(c) If you have a restore point, you could restore that instead of your stored image backup, but the image backup is best, and...
Best to use FalconFours_UBCD facility to restore the restore point [Win7 cannot be trusted to function properly].