View Full Version : login then just wallpaper ? HELP

09-01-2011, 05:38 PM
i had alcomrg.exe windows cannot find file when xp booted to desktop
so i ran malware antibytes it didnt find the file, so i loaded a startup manager
to remove the entry alcomrg.exe, i also turned off system restore, then rebooted i got to login password typed it in then i could hear the xp start music
windows loading personal settings then alli got was a blank screen wallpaper
and nothing else, i tried alt ctrl del but when i did that i got task manager disabled by administrator, then i rebooted into safe mode used cursor up to boot into safe mode it then took me back to login screen i put in password
then it went back to safe mode black screen and alli can see is safe mode in the four corners and no desktop, i have hirens boot cd that has mini xp is there
aything i can do please help win xp sp2

09-06-2011, 07:03 AM
The alcomrg.exe file is malware, having been put on your system by the W32/Sdbot-DNT worm and IRC backdoor trojan. Either you uninstalled the malware program or your antivirus/antispyware program did. In any case, a reference was left to the file in Startup. You can remove the reference by managing your Startup.

I am guessing that you have removed the infection somehow, but it is still in control of the system as it appears to be blocking access to task manager and explorer, which is probably why you cannot see the desktop?

09-06-2011, 09:37 PM
Removing a reference and removing a problem are 2 different things IMO, and the former is not my preferred route to fix my equipment at least...

One would think you could use HijackThis or RegEdit to get rid of it rather than put it in 'neutral' (gearshift).

My leanings on fender62's problem is a possible need to repair-install XP, with the proper CD, Home or Pro. Even if he does not have the install disk, a borrowed one will work as long as Freddie's '62 Fender has it's keycode/COA.

Hey Fender,
I can fix it for ya, but it'll cost you one Klassic Geetar... :p