View Full Version : Gateway Windows Vista issue?

09-03-2011, 12:12 PM
The monitor on my Gateway GM5457E recently failed for the second time and I decided to replace it with an AOC 23" monitor.

After replacing the monitor everything seemed to work ok and then I discovered that on some applications (Quicken and Media Center) the sound did not work. The sound seems to work on all other applications and Netflix and other features work on Media Center (only live TV seems not to work).

When going into the Volume Mixer on Vista, all running applications show up with full volume and the speakers are turned on but no output.

Has anyone else experianced this or have any ideas what could be wrong. I have done numerous Google searches but have not found this issue anywhere.

One more piece of information; I cannot see what replacing the monitor would have to do with sound issues however, the old Gateway monitor had speakers mounted under the monitor and powered (12VDC) from the old monitor. I am still using those same speakers powered with an external 12VDC supply.

Any help greatly appreciated.

09-05-2011, 12:34 PM
Problem solved.......

Apparently not many people have experianced this problem since I could find nothing about it online and no one responded to my post; however, just in case someone else does have this problem, here is what I finally (after hours of messing with it) found.

This thing that most confused me (and still does) is that only two applications were affected (live tv and quicken). I noticed that tv recorded prior to installing the new monitor had sound only live tv and quicken did not, so I focused on the live tv. I powered down the digital tv box for several seconds and then powered it up again, lo and behold picture and sound. I then checked quicken and found it also now has sound. Obviously when I intalled the new monitor it somehow affected the digital tv box but I still do not understand why it affected quicken and only quicken.