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09-25-2011, 01:31 AM
I need some help with installing xp onto a hard drive connected by usb. My main computer runs windows 7 and i need xp installed onto the other hard drive as my 2nd computer doesnt have a cd/dvd drive. When i insert the cd it doesnt give me the option to install xp at all. Just after some other ideas. Also the 2nd hard drive has been formatted. Thanks

Paul Komski
09-25-2011, 04:56 AM
Windows XP setup doesn't have USB drivers until after the OS has been installed and so cannot be installed to a USB hard drive using the WinXP installation CD.

In addition (with Windows as opposed to DOS and to many Linux distros) you cannot nearly ever install from one PC and then just transfer the hard drive across to another PC unless the two PCs are almost identical.

One approach is to use an external CD/DVD drive to boot the setup CD from.

Another is to create a minimalist bootable DOS partition on the hard drive (http://www.paulski.com/zpages.php?id=1715) (usually from a DOS boot floppy or CD on another PC) and to copy the i386 folder from the CD to this partition to prepare for a hard drive installation (http://www.paulski.com/zpages.php?id=1711). Replace in the other PC and then to boot to a DOS prompt and run i386\winnt.exe instead of setup.exe. There are a couple of gotchas, including the need to run smartdrv, but it is very doable. You may finish up with a FAT partition but this is easily converted later on.