View Full Version : Windows (7) Easy Transfer -- not that easy

09-25-2011, 04:55 AM
This program probably would work flawlessly if peole have exactly same accounts on the new machine as on the old machine and the disk space on drives on each machine are never at issue.

I have a little problem when I transfer files back from old XP to new windows 7.

On my old machine I have two drives with two OS. The total files size is about 80 GB. On XP I have 5 accounts and on Server 03 I have only one account.

Now I installed Windows 7 and server 08 on two 64 GB SSD drives. And I have only two accounts matching the 5 accounts on XP. I don't want to create new accounts on 7. I want to transfer all files back to a SATA drive on my 7. In Easy transfer it does not allow me to map files belonging to accounts that existed in XP but not on 7 to accounts only in 7. And it does not allow me map those files to a larger SATA drive. It does have those options in advanced transfer settings. But I don't know why it does not allow me to do so. I know I could move my users folder on windows 7 to another larger SATA drive. Some people posted that moving those user accounts away from SSD would improve SSD performance. So far I do not want to do so. So basically I don't see I could run the Easy Trasfer smoothly due to the accounts mismatch and my limited space on new SSD drive. The easy trasnfer does not have the option to open the trasfer file in windows exploer fashion so that I could manually move those files between drives and folders.

I would sttempt to move one account by one account and gradually get all files back to my new machine. I guess it would work but I still have concern some unexpected would happen. Anybody had better expereince on this? Thanks.

Paul Komski
09-25-2011, 09:46 AM
Part of the problem when transferring data (as opposed to programs) is that certain areas of the Documents and Settings or of the Users folders are easily copied but others are not. A secondary problem can be in being allowed access because of permissions.

Most user data is to be found in the user account's Documents/MyDocuments as well as the Desktop folder and what I commonly do is to copy these to a USB drive and then copy them back on to the other installation.

If I am being more meticulous I make an image file of the whole partition onto a large enough storage drive using ImageForDOS or BootIt-Bare Metal (http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/bootit-bare-metal.htm) and later access it using the same makers utilities TBI view or TBI Mount and copy or allow the individual accounts to copy their files over from the image file.

Have never used "Easy Transfer" and such like but I am not surprised if it is not always easy when you are dealing with multiple user accounts.

09-27-2011, 11:26 PM
Solve it by transfering one account each time and then move the files to another drive to freeup space on C drive. I mapped some accounts to another account and found the files. I did forgeto map one account and a new account was created automatically after the transfer. I picked the file and deleted the account. However, even I transferred most files I had to skip some files in order to let the transfer to go through. I don't know how good this program is for others. Originally I intended to used the same drive (had XP) to install windows 7. So this program is recommended by Microsoft for a custom install of 7. Later I decided to use new SSD for OS and programs. Had I known this beforehand I would simply put the XP drive on 7 and select whichever files I need.