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10-11-2011, 08:34 PM
'm at my wit's end trying to fix this computer and I really need help. It's 64 bit windows, Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400, DDRM2 RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 220.

My cousin put this computer together from scratch using high quality parts about 4 years ago. A few months ago, it started getting laggy/skipping during games, and then it started freezing randomly, usually after being powered on for a while.

I tried a system restore, which caused the freezing to occur every few minutes for some reason. When I used a registry cleaning software (RegZooka), it detected thousands of errors caused apparently by the system restore (it found much less errors before). This seemed to solve the problem, but a few days later the problem was back. It continued to escalate in severity until I reinstalled Windows. Since my reinstall of Windows, I havenít touched RegZooka once.

For a week or so, it seemed fixed. And then it started happening again, slowly at first and then getting worse and worse. I installed a new PSU and it seemed to have worked. I stress tested it for days and it didnt stall or freeze. Then, after a week or so, it started freezing and lagging. It keeps getting worse and worse, and today for the first time it froze while I wasnít even gaming, but simply typing on this forums after recently rebooting. It keeps freezing repeatedly now for no reason.

I believe Iíve installed all the proper drivers. Driver Detective tells me that I didnít install some Intel chipset drivers, but I installed the latest chipset package at the Intel website, and did a scan for drivers at the Intel website...

Iíve tried using various RAMs (I have 4) in various slots, to no avail. Iíve tried various scans of RAM, hard drive, and CPU, and it finds nothing wrong. However, 99% of the time when I use a Windows Memory Diagnostic, it freezes in the middle.

Iíve used various adware and virus scanners and it finds nothing.

I am waiting to receive a new graphics card in the mail, to see if that works, but if that doesnít work I am out of ideas. Is the motherboard dead? Is it the BIOS?


10-30-2011, 06:05 PM
Mechanical Checks

Heat: First check that none of vents on the PC are blocked. If you hear component damage (cooling fans sound odd, disk drive is making a scratching noise) then shut down the PC and seek expert advice to repair the mechanical damage. Our post on how to prevent computer overheating covers additional causes and information on ways to stop the risk of heat damage to your PC.

RAM: Open the Control Panel > System tool and check the full amount of RAM memory is being picked up by the machine. If not, then you will find computer freezes frequently happen as the PC strains to run on a lesser amount of RAM.

Software Checks

Disk Space: Check the disk space on each drive has over 10% left free. You can fix PC errors relating to performance easily by maintaining this minimum level for Windows to use as virtual memory. I once realized my computer is running very slow following a torrent download due to the hard disk going over 95% full so this is a problem that can easily occur.

Disk Defragmentation: Defragment the hard disks if you havenít done so before. Tools like Regtool can improve disk access times and reduce RAM caching demands by the entire operating system just by defragmenting the hard drive.

Viruses: Run a full virus, adware, malware and spyware scan of all drives, including memory sticks. These can damage registry files and run as background services draining your CPU/RAM/Internet bandwidth capacity to the point where your computer keeps freezing. Fix computer viruses by isolating and removing the files. Make a note of the virus name/type to check if additional damage (e.g. to the registry) will also need repair before the PC freezes will be fully fixed.

Applications: Open the Task Manager on the processes tab and analyze which applications are using large amounts of the RAM memory. If the computer locks up when using one specific application then it should be easy to pinpoint if it using up all the RAM. If you donít use/need the application then close it down. Check the applications own websites for any known performance issues or latest patch updates (some of which will include code changes that fix computer performance issues). Double check the application does not have any minimum system requirements which exceed your system.

Registry Corruption: If the computer freezes up randomly (i.e. not with a specific application) then Iíll also check the registry for faults. Some tools like XP Repair Pro and Error Fix have a free scan so it is possible to check if there are any severe registry key faults.

Hardware: When my computer keeps freezing after installing new hardware then I check the components website for the latest installation guide and executable for my operating system. Open the Device Manager and see if there are any device driver faults. If in doubt, I test the computer without the hardware installed to see if the laptop keeps freezing.

As a last resort when my computer keeps freezing I do a full PC maintenance scan using the Reimage online repair service to scan the hard drive, registry, OS files, device drivers and DLLs for faults. The application can repair these issues using the latest file versions downloaded from their servers. This online PC repair service currently offer a free scan.